"Nurturing the desire to learn"


At Norto5 KIDZ Academy, our mission is to provide a pre-school which has a loving and caring childcare environment addressing the educational, physical, social and emotional development needs of the children aged between 2 and 5 years of age (although in certain settings where there is insufficient children, we do accept younger children).

As  pre-school,  we seek to “nurture the children’s desire to learn” creating environments in our settings where all children can learn and develop through play and various activities assisted by a caring and supportive staff. Children are encouraged to express themselves, investigate and explore their interests. This is the best way for young children to learn and grow. We provide many opportunities for them to do things for themselves so they become confident and independent.

We hope that you will fully research our offerings by clicking through the links below because we believe that you will find that we offer the best learning and caring environment for your child.