About Us

About Us

Norto5 KIDZ began in June 2006 when Peter and Carolyn Bird together with their son, Harley decided to open a nursery school. This seemed to be a natural product of each of their skills because Carolyn had many years of experience in childcare, as a foster parent, a mother and then as a childcare practitioner. Peter is a Chartered Accountant so he is able to attend to the administration and Harley has a lot of IT experience so could create all the management systems.



Carolyn Bird

Harley Bird

Over the period since its inception, we have focused our attentions on growing the systems, staff and procedures to bring the settings to the point where your children are given the very best of attention in a safe and secure environment. We believe that we now have one of the best systems for monitoring the wellbeing of the children minimizing the amount of time childcare workers are out of their primary task of interacting with the children.

We are fortunate because we have a team of loyal and devoted staff. In fact Kim John who runs the operational aspects of the schools, was initially a parent at the school back in 2006. This stability is good for the children as they develop bonds with the staff. Most importantly, we have been fortunate over the years to have been given an outstanding collection of parents.

Childcare is a gratifying business in that we see the parents sometimes initially tentatively bringing their first bundle of joy to the nursery. We then see that child grow and take his or her first steps. Then comes the potty training and before we know it, they are off to “big school”.

In April 2016, we began our first pre-school settingĀ  called Norto5 KIDZ Academy in the pavilion at the Cuckfield Cricket club and this was followed in September 2019 by a second pre-school setting also in a cricket pavilion on the Lindfield common right next to Lindfield Primary School.